Above and Below (2013) and In the Woods Today (2011)

Yarrangall Green Farm, Delamere, Cheshire

Curated by Jeremy Turner

This is the second time that artists, who have direct association with the University of Chester’s Art & Design Department, have had the privilege to use the incredibly varied landscape and farm buildings of Yarrangall Green Farm to make and exhibit a range of new works.

Yarrangall Green Farm is the base for Blue Barn Arts and the Family Jam Production Company. Both organisations are run by Pam Toler (photographer & gardener), Stephen Williams (artist & teacher) and Celia Toler (writer & jam maker) who follow a whole farm ethos in which its woodland remains a haven for wildlife.

Artists include Guy Mayman, Tim Daly, Maud Goldberg, Jeremy Turner, Steve Carrick, Natalie Papworth, Estelle Woolley with Rob Maclese & Oscar Smith, John Renshaw, Alexe Dilworth, Chris Millward, Maggie Jackson, Lesley Halliwell, Jo Marsh & Katie Cyfenw, Kevin Furlong, Elizabeth Kealy-Morris, Mike Walker, Julia Bakir, Maria Walker and Tom McGuirk


Spectrum (2013) , Crochet thread & bars of the goose pen.

A Small Homage to Buckminster Fuller (2011). Bamboo, cable ties,, rubber tubing, nuts and bolts