Sim Smith Gallery Interview

Sim Smith interviews Lesley Halliwell for Sim Smith Gallery (2014)

The Sim Smith Gallery works closely with a select group of artists to exhibit at significant contemporary art fairs and off-site exhibitions and projects whilst promoting the work of its artists to collectors, curators and museums from around the world.

Sim Smith has specialised in representing emerging artists since 2007 and is a member of the Association of Woman Art Dealers. She studied Italian and History of Art at University College London with a specialism in Fine Art Practice at the Slade School of Fine Art, London. She also has a Masters in The History of Contemporary Art from Università degli Studi di Roma III, Italy.

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Returned Moments: The Work of Lesley Halliwell

Catalogue essay by Elisa Oliver

To accompany the solo exhibition Time and Time Again

Touchstones Gallery, Rochdale (2008)

As a child of the 60s and teenager of the 70s I have only retrospectively come to engage with many of the cultural pleasures of the period, Joy Division, The Fall, early Slade were too sophisticated for my hormonally driven palate. The opportunity to return to these outpourings with the frivolities of youth behind me is afforded more and more frequently today thanks to technologies ability to store and replay (if not form) our memories.

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Wall to Wall

Catalogue essay by Della Goodham

To accompany the two person exhibition <Wall To Wall> (Lesley Halliwell & Una Rose Smith)

Goodham Gallery (formally VINEspace), Vyner Street, London (2006)

Una Rose Smith’s residency at VINEspace, in August 2006, results in a series of emergent forms that develop and incline to evolve. Lesley Halliwell’s triptych drawing, made using a Spirograph toy, has a sense of order and predetermined resolution.

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We go round and round in the night and are consumed by fire

Catalogue essay Dr Neil Mulholland

To accompany the group exhibition at Terminal Warehouse, New York, October 2003 & Liverpool Biennial, INDEPENDENTS, Sept 2004

The nocturnal cultural meanderings of the North West of England exasperate and dumbfound cool kids and sleaze-monkeys alike. Doodling within the lines, Lesley Halliwell resurrects 70s children’s favourite the Spirograph. The toy allows Halliwell to create dynamic monochromatic ink drawings within a fixed period of time. Her graceful drawings are the result of endurance feats with rigid masochistic parameters; dazzling ripostes to senseless home work given by a lascivious art teacher.

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1 Bic Biro

lux Space by Jane Chavez-Dawson

Flux Magazine, Issue 43 (2004)

The fields that artists become experts within never ceases to amaze me. Lesley Halliwell knowingly points out to me the difference between a line left by a blue Bic biro purchased in WHSmith as opposed to a line left from one purchased at a small local post office. “A Bic, if they have just been sat there for a while tend to be a bit feathery whilst a WHSmith biro will be a darker ink and run out suddenly.’ I am duly impressed by this peculiar knowledge. The inconsistency caused by the different inks...

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