Lines of Desire

Oriel Davies Gallery, Wales

28 August - 03 November 2010

An exhibition which brings together artists who explore ideas connected with journeys, maps and routes, borders, timelines, songlines, narratives and story lines. This rich and ambitious show includes drawing, photography, moving image, sound and installation by 20 national and international artists. 

Using a Spirograph – a simple and nostalgic children’s toy – Lesley Halliwell repeats complex forms until a larger, intricate work is made. She takes a pen on a series of journeys, which leave traces as a visual documentation of paths followed. Small fluctuations in the patterns humanise the work and remind us that no journey will ever be perfect, but that faults along the way can be overlooked when the overall success of our travel is reviewed.                

Sarah Scarlett, from Lines of Desire, Exhibition Catalogue (2010)

Artists include, Colin Andrews, Eskild Beck, Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan , Ellie Chaney, Jeremy Evans, Alice Forward, Lesley Halliwell , Adam Heiss, Kaori Homma, Mark Langley, Daniel Lehan, Eleanor Morgan, Plan b, Nicole Polonsky, Margaret Proudfoot, David Rickard, Stuart Robinson, Carole Romaya, Helen Saunders, Daniel Staincliffe.