Above and Below

It’s a delight to have another opportunity to make work at Yarrangall Green Farm, near Frodsham, Cheshire. This place is so special, the woodlands and farm buildings are beautiful and it offers (for me anyway) a space to think and contemplate new ideas, seeing them materialise in a new context.

Over twenty artists who have direct association with the University of Chester’s Art & Design Department are using this incredibly varied landscape to show a range of new work.

Spectrum uses coloured crochet thread wrapped around the bars of the goose pen in the main barn. A line drawing in a sketch book becomes a 3 dimensional installation enhanced by its environment; at dusk the geese are brought in for the night settling under the unexpected shaft of ‘light’; numerous flies rest on the threads, like birds on a telephone wire or bats in a cave.

Yarrangall Green Farm is the base for Blue Barn Arts and the Family Jam Production Company. Both organisations are run by Pam Toler (photographer & gardener), Stephen Williams (artist & teacher) and Celia Toler (writer & jam maker) who follow a whole farm ethos in which its woodland remains a haven for wildlife.

The exhibition is open to the public between 10.00am and 5.00pm on Saturday 21st September, Sunday 22nd September, Saturday 5th October and Sunday 6th October.

Google map and directions available at,http://www.familyjam.co.uk/index.htm

Yarrangall Café will be open for visitors to the exhibition for refreshments.

Artists included in the exhibition:

Guy Mayman, Tim Daly, Maud Goldberg, Jeremy Turner, Steve Carrick, Natalie Papworth, Estelle Woolley with Rob Maclese & Oscar Smith, John Renshaw, Alexe Dilworth, Chris Millward, Maggie Jackson, Lesley Halliwell, Jo Marsh & Katie Cyfenw, Kevin Furlong, Elizabeth Kealy-Morris, Mike Walker, Julia Bakir, Maria Walker, Tom McGuirk