Carbon Meets Silicon

Oriel Sycharth Gallery

8 - 11 September 2015

Private View Monday 7 September 6pm

Curated by Dr Susan Liggett

Exhibiting artists include: Cerys Alonso, Andrew Bracey, Steve Carrick, William Card, Simon Hall, Lesley Halliwell, Rory Hickford, Paul Jones, Coryn Smethurst, Andrew Lowe-Smith, Ian McArthur, Guy Mayman, Annie Morrad, Susan Liggett, John McClenaghen, Estelle Thompson, Jill Townsely, Tracy Piper-Wright and Jonathan Weinel.

I am excited to be showing If You Prick Us Do We Not Bleed? as part of the Carbon Meets Silicon exhibition.  Originally made for Slippage: The Unstable Nature of Difference (CASC March 2015 ) the work focuses on the sound of a child’s laughter as a colourful parachute rises and falls from above. While the laughter sounds entirely ‘normal’, the child in the film has a rare genetic brain malformation causing severe developmental delay; the 13 year old lying beneath the parachute has the cognitive, physical and conceptual abilities of a four month old baby. The work explores the limits of human perception and understanding, both in terms of a severely disabled child responding to a sensory stimuli as well as in how we, as onlookers, relate to those with different cognitive abilities to ourselves. 

Over the years the little boy in the work, and my son, has become far less vocal so smiling and laughing, when they happen, are to be savoured. You can pocket Patricks laughter by using the QR code below to download the film onto your mobile phone.

 A catalogue to accompany the exhibition is available to download fromOriel Scyharth Gallery website.

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